Frequently Asked Quesions

You Need To Know This About Marbelite


1. What brand is the marbelite?

Poseidon Pool Plaster Marbelite is our own inhouse brand

2. Can Poseidon Pool Plaster quote on a renovation?

We are only the product manufacturer and we do not conduct renovations for clients.

3. Can you recommend a contractor to do the work?

Although there are many contractors, we refrain from giving any referrals as that would make us responsible for the contractor and their workmanship.

4. Do you guarantee your product?

No. Although our product is made of high-quality raw materials which was SANAS Tested, defects and failures are usually because of workmanship (ie preparation, application) and aftercare maintenance (chemical imbalances, incorrect administration of chemicals) of the pool. Should a client want a guarantee, a client would need to keep a strict record of the entire renovation process from start to finish and would need to conduct weekly water tests from Builders Warehouse to keep on record as well.

5. What steps should I follow if I encounter an issue with my marbelite?

We will conduct a full investigation to get to the root of the problem, but will require data from you such as:

  1. Images of the preparation process (chipping, cleaning, marbelite preparation i.e slushing the pool)
  2. Quantity of liquid used during mixing (water and/or bonding liquid)
  3. Number of plasterers used during the application
  4. Number of bags used in relation to the total square meters of the pool
  5. Images of the application i.e. consistency of the marbelite
  6. Water test result obtained from Builders or any other pool shop which tested for PH, Alkalinity, calcium hardness, stabilizer, chlorine, free chlorine, metals)
6. How soon after I place an order, can I get the marbelite?

Please allow a time frame of 24-48 hours.

7. Do you keep stock of all the colours?

We only keep stock of fast moving colours such as White, Sky Blue, Aqua Blue, Charcoal etc. Darker colours are made on order and will only be produced once payment for it is received

8. Do you offer deliveries?

We use an independent contractor to conduct our local deliveries in Gauteng which is charged at his rate. We can also deliver Nationally to main hubs in DBN, CT, PE, ESL, NSP, GRG, POL, PBM AND BFN.


1. Can I apply the marbelite myself?

No, marbelite is not a DIY application and would require experienced marbelite plasterers as the application needs to be done in one settings by a few plasterers

2. Can my builder apply the marbelite?

If your builder has experience with marbelite then he can apply it. Kindly note that the technique for marbelite and normal cement plaster is different.

3. Why can’t my contractor use a hosepipe when mixing the marbelite?

Using a hosepipe will affect the consistency of the marbelite which will result in a thin application (less than 6-8mm) that will cause cracking and delamination. Further to that, the pigmentation will also be diluted which will cause a colour difference and the contractor will most likely also burn the marbelite because of overtroweling. We urge every contractor and client to measure the water out per bag of marbelite as per our MTD sheet.

4. How soon after the application can I fill up my pool?

Please allow a curing period of 8 hours during summer and 24 hours during Winter before filling the pool.


1. Should I test my water before I fill my pool?

Yes. If you are using tap water to fill up the pool, take a sample of that to be tested. The quality of our water lacks Alkalinity and Calcium which will damage your new plaster. Having the data beforehand will better prepare you with the chemicalization of the pool.

2. My contractor said I should wait 21 days before I add in chemicals, is that true?

No. Chemicals should be added immediately in accordance with the results obtained from the water test conducted.

3. I have a salt chlorinator. Can I top up my salt levels once the pool is filled?

No. You will need to disconnect your chlorinator during the curing process of the marbelite. We recommend avoiding the use of salt for 3 months.

4. How soon after the application can I use my automatic pool cleaner?

Your pool cleaner can be used after 21 days.

5. I have debris at the bottom of my pool, how do I get rid of it?

You are allowed to use a brush vacuum to get rid of the debris. Please do not use the 8-wheeler vacuum as it will scratch the marbelite surface during the curing process.

6. Can I use borehole water to fill up my pool?

We do not recommend the use of borehole water because of the high metal content present in borehole water.

7. Can I use a floater?

No. As soon as your pump is switched off, the floaters tend to migrate to the shallow end where it continues to dispense chlorine in one place which causes “bleaching” of the marbelite (big white circle on the plaster)

8. How should I administer my chemicals?

Never directly into the pool. Always add your chemicals into the weir. Chemicals such as chlorine will not dissolve when added to the pool and will bleach the marbelite surface.

9. How long should I run my pool for?

Minimally for 8 hours a day.


1. My marbelite is turning white. What should I do?

This could be because of a chemical imbalance. Please conduct a water test and forward the report through to us and we’ll assist you from there to rectify the problem.

2. I have white markings in my pool. What is it?

This is called scaling and particularly happens when your water contains High PH, High Calcium hardness and High Alkalinity.

3. My marbelite is Cracking/delaminating. Why is that?

Marbelite will only delaminate if a contractor used too much water during the mixing and application process which is normally because the contractor used less bags than what was required to marbelite the pool. For example: A 5 x 3 sized pool will require a total of 20 bags if new or 16 bags if it’s only being renovated. Using 10 bags during the application will not be sufficient and the contractor will not obtain the correct consistency and will need to water it down to cover the entire surface area

Marbelite Problems

As beautiful as marbelite can be, there are factors to consider and take into account when you choose this as the final finish for your swimming pool. We’ve uploaded a few images to show you what can go wrong with marbelite if not applied or maintained correctly.

Should you have any questions relating to this thread, please feel free to get in touch with us.


As beautiful as marbelite can be, there are factors to consider and take into account when you choose this as the final finish for your swimming pool. We’ve uploaded a few images to show you what can go wrong with marbelite if not applied or maintained correctly.

Should you have any questions relating to this thread, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Pool Floaters Are A Big NO!

The image on the left shows what happens when a floater is present in the pool after the pool pump is switched off. The pool floater migrates to the shallow end of the pool, usually toward the step and continues to release the chlorine in that one section where it ultimately burns the marbelite.

Not Measuring Water Quantity Per Bag Of Marbelite

Aside from hairline cracks, using too much water in the marbelite mix will affect the consistency and strength of the marbelite as well as the final colour. Our specification is to start your marbelite mix with 6l per 40kg bag but not exceeding 8L per bag. Using 20L buckets to fill with water is a great way of measuring the exact quanity required. Once the marbelite has been mixed all the way through, the consistency should look like “peanut butter”. If marbelite runs down the walls as it is applied, that indicates that the mix is too wet

Over Troweling Marbelite Leads To Burnt Marbelite

Dark lines that are present in the pool is a clear indication of over troweling which also indicates that too much water was present in the mix during the application. It is imperative that the water quantity is checked in ratio with the number of bags used in the pool.