• Please take note that the raw materials used in the manufacturing process of the marbelite are mined. Colour variations will occur between batches.
  • Poseidon Pool Plaster cannot be held responsible for the maintenance of a client’s pool. Our MTD sheet with the maintenance instructions are provided to each client with their marbelite purchase. The onus will be on the client to read the instructions and follow them accordingly.
  • Should a client encounter and issue with the marbelite, we will require printed water test results, as instructed in our MTD sheet, before further investigation takes place.
  • Poseidon Pool Plaster cannot be held responsible for the workmanship of a contractor.
  • Kindly take note of our pool size chart to direct you with the number of bags you will need for your pool, should you take less than the required amount in relation to your pool size, Poseidon Pool Plaster will not take responsibility for any defects that may occur during and after application of the marbelite.
  • For more information, please download our MTD sheet.